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At the mention of martial arts, a few images will conjure up in your mind.  A well built man, punches, kicks, wrestling ring, Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee, IP man, or the types of martial arts such as Taekwondo, Karate, Muay Thai  & etc.These days the practice of martial arts is not only confined to men, but women as well as they are very much into the art as a form of self-defense and maintaining physical and mental fitness. And one such woman is Kendra, a martial arts enthusiast who has tried her hands and legs in boxing, Muay Thai, Filipino martial art and since May 2015 she has been part of the Women Self Defense Community, learning Jeet Kune Do, which embraces Bruce Lee’s philosophy that teaches practical self-defense techniques with a combination of Wing Chun and various arts element, under the dedicated trainer Joshua Wong.  
 Kendra shares that the weekly trainings had helped improved her body coordination and agility, maintaining physical fitness and forms part of her cardio workout as well. And interestingly, it has also enabled her to perform better at work in terms of seeking solutions to difficult work issues, focusing on her sales targets, managing stress and aggressively pursuing her hobbies and she stresses that discipline is constantly being developed in her life. She goes on to comment that the trainer is very detailed and patient with each student, takes the effort to identify their strengths and weakness and patiently provides the necessary correction accordingly to the individual’s progress. 

So is learning self-defense a dangerous skill to pick up? As a woman, some may wonder. For Kendra, equipping oneself with the most basic and practical self defense skills is a necessity in the ever increasing crime rates prevailing in the society. As a student myself, I would say it is a needful skill to pick up, especially if you are in the sales line and being on the road, outdoors and meeting people forms 80% of your life.  Even if one is a homemaker with kids, it is also essential to know how to protect yourself and your loved ones when one the need arises (when one is caught in a compromising situation). Even secondary, college and university students are not spared from possible predators. Training sessions are planned and taught systematically on various techniques and foundation and consistent practice of JKD is key to continuous progress.

Kendra encourages all women to be part of the Women Self-Defense Community to empower more women to come out from their comfort zone, to pick up practical techniques that can be used according to different situations; by building core muscle memory that eventually increases one’s mental alertness and reflex when faced with danger. It is an investment that can never be replaced.  Feel free to find out more on Jeet Kune Do and other physical and mental training programmes here

Besides martial arts, food and attaining a healthy life style is also one of Kendra’s passion. With her garden full of herbs, and fruits and growing stuff, it is not surprising that she harvests and hand picks all her ingredients and churns out the most delicious, beautiful and healthy offerings one cannot resist.  

She started her home based food business with an investment of less than RM3000 when she saw the opportunity presented itself.

One of her signature and unique delicacies are the Peranakan Nyonya Acar Chili and Moringa Pesto that will leave you drooling for more.  The Nyonya Acar Chili is a special dish stuffed with shredded papaya and dried shrimp which are cooked together with traditional spices and dipped into pickled solution, all from traditional and natural ingredients. It will awaken your taste buds, aids digestions and complements various dishes. She has a Facebook page dedicated to her produce and most of her clients were introduced by word of mouth or during events like food bazaar etc. Her followers and clients will also receive updates on the various ways to consume her delicacies and a healthy dose of benefits constantly shared by the outgoing entrepreneur herself provides an avenue for others to share their culinary experience and views.
One can resonate that challenges and uncertainty in every business is unavoidable. One of the challenges that Kendra faces is management of perishable goods, keeping abreast with the ever changing taste buds and food preference of clients, and strategising on how to reach a wider audience but still maintain quality clients.  Her advice to those who plan to embark on a business to start small, be resourceful, persevere and be willing to share your passion with the community as establishing a close connection with customers is vital to the success of every business. To connect with this amazing lady and give your taste buds a lift, kindly visit Homemade2U or whataspp her at 012-3345780 .


  1. Thanks for sharing. Really enjoyed reading this and learning more about what Kendra's doing. Looking forward to seeing you both again soon. All the best!


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