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Some say home is where your heart is. From interior decorations to furniture, even to the finishes of the walls and flooring, it reflects the owner's taste and personality. With his quiet and unassuming disposition, he seems cold from a distance. But at the mention of tiles, designs and houses, his face automatically lits up with excitement and enthusiasm. Mr Jimmy Yeo, a tile expert began his love journey with tiles and mortar 4 years ago, when his friend encouraged him to be part of this business venture and the rest was history.

As the dedicated co-founder of Super Gres Marketing located in Kota Damansara, the company offers the widest possible range of local and international brands, designs and quality specifications to meet the budget requirements of discerning clients, ranging from low to high end property development projects. Armed with 12 diverse brands of international and local tiles, totalling up to 600 individual design types of renowned brands from Italy, Spain, China and Indonesia, the brands include Roman, Caspania and Mulia, to name a few. 

As an aspiring entrepreneur, Jimmy says patience, honesty and building close rapport with existing clients is essential to maintaining long term business client relationship.  With the current poor market situation, business has become more challenging, and keeping updated with the market outlook helps his team to review their product range and take measurable steps for improvement.

Despite the difficulties faced in the industry, it does not stop him from taking time off to relax and indulge in his diving expeditions. As an avid diver, he has explored many islands and is always on a look out for more interesting and unique travel destinations around the globe.

Consumers today are spoilt for choice when it comes to the wide variety available in the market, so how does one make a wise selection?  He educates that ceramic tiles tops the list for its durability and offers the widest range of finishing, colours and design and “fade out” style that gives the house a more natural look. He quips.

This is where the expertise of Super Gres Marketing Sdn Bhd in ceramic tiles makes the difference in quality and design.

If you wish to make a tile connection, feel free to drop a line at jimmy.yeo@supergres.com.my or contact him at 012-943 5558. 


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