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Owners, buyers, tenants, clients, loans, lifestyle, integrated, exclusive, connectivity etc, one can’t help but connect these words to REAL ESTATE.

Reapfield is no stranger in the real estate industry. As the real estate company of choice, it portrays a professional and structured agency where training and customer service is paramount to the success of the company. It has received numerous awards of recognition as the trusted real estate agency of the year. 

Its mission is to honour God, provide service, to train, equip and empower individuals to excel in their profession as real estate professionals. Currently there are 13 branches across Klang Valley and holding the fort as the Chief Executive Officer of Taman Sea Branch (Ss23, PJ), Jennifer Wong shares her humble journey.

Jennifer knew there was something more she could do to bring her life into the next level. Having served the corporate world for many years, and holding on to the dream and aspiration of becoming an entrepreneur one day, the decision finally came to take a leap into the real estate scene. She first step foot into Reapfield Subang Jaya as a Real Estate Negotiator. That was in 1999.

She went on to embark on a real estate license and in 2006, and that is when Reapfield Properties Taman Sea was birthed.

A bold move indeed. Uncertainties, fears, discomfort and many “what ifs” were real.  But what helped made the transition exciting and bearable was that she had continuous support and encouragement from family members and friends, her brother and beloved husband was her biggest motivator that positively influenced her to step up as an entrepreneur. She thank Reapfield for giving her this precious opportunity to lead a branch.

Growing a company is not easy. That is a universal fact. But it is not impossible.  They had their fair share of challenges of building the company, from providing a conducive working environment for agents, to engaging in situational management, learning to adapt and keep pace with the needs of the negotiators and keeping abreast with the emerging property market trends and development opportunities.

Despite the challenges, she still finds joy whenever a team or her negotiators closes a deal or successfully secures a marketable listing. The satisfaction it brings somehow spurs her further to stay focused and dedicated to her vision for the company – to build and train the millennials, to bring out the best in them to succeed in the real estate industry.

“Serve others unconditionally, seek first to understand before being understood, be sincere, always renew your passion and motivation“. Jennifer stands by this principle. She wholeheartedly believes in putting the needs of others first, and advises that as an entrepreneur one should be bold, be humble, equip yourself with good interpersonal skills and be forward looking. Learning to empathise with others is also an essential trait as one can sometimes take on a role as an active listener or counsellor to the negotiators as they share their struggles faced in certain cases. She counts it a privilege to be able to assist them to find a workable solution.

From the aspect of being a Real Estate Negotiator and with business operations conducted in most digital platforms nowadays, adopting a leadership attitude and maintaining a teachable mindset is important to thrive in this industry, she stresses. She believes that one should always have a heart of determination and to discover the difference that one can make in the lives of our clients, from the time of listing the property to the transaction is complete. The value of our services speaks volume and touches lives in the process.

Being visionary - forward looking also attributes to the sustainability of the company and its growth.  One needs to learn to take ownership of his or her business, whether you are a real estate negotiator or a business owner and be bold to make your presence felt.  Jennifer embraces this quote that says : it’s not who you know but who knows you. How true indeed.

So how does she relax?  She loves art and pretty flowers, be it real, imitation or in art form, she loves and appreciates the beauty of flowers and the amazing fragrances it exudes. It adds colour to life and enriches those around you. If you have known her for long, you would probably been blessed with a pot of beautiful flowers. It surely does lift one’s spirit up when one is feeling the blues.  She also cherishes the quality time spent with her family – her charming husband, her three beautiful daughters and their extended families and also with her devoted mother. She will make special efforts to bring her mum out for nice meals and just enjoy mother daughter time out together.

Contributing to society, especially for mission works is one of the ways that keeps Jennifer going when the going really gets tough. It is a humbling and sacrificial work missionaries have decided to take on and their testimonies of faith never ceased to keep her encouraged.

She wishes to express her thankfulness and appreciation to her committed team of negotiators and management staff for their unwavering support and to the loyal clients who have over the years placed their trust and confidence in the Reapfield brand.  Her greatest heartfelt gratitude goes ultimately to God, who has been, who is and who will be her anchor of strength and her compass for the future direction of the company.

Success is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. Stay strong. Put your heart and soul into all that you aspire to accomplish.

To get to know her more and how Reapfield Properties Taman Sea can help you, feel free to connect with her at :

+6012-238 6915 (E1866)



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